Monday, June 22, 2009

Hugging the Pain

They were finished for the night, and everyone was talking
He had to go so, he said goodbye to everbody
He hugged everyone except the girl who really cared
And as she watched him drive away, she was dying of the pain

She got to her car, relieved that she had made it
She thought everyone could see her faking it;
She looks out the window with tears down her face
Only to find him pass and mouth her name

You see, he had forgotten something
And he was just now remembering.
But by the time he got back, she was gone
And so was the hug, all gone.

All gone, but they embraced the same heart break.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I saw his caring, caring face
And my brain was out of place.
He did not love me, no not at all;
He pitied me, and that's all.

How stupid was I then?
I should have put two and two together
I should have known not to try to bear
Those feelings that shouldn't have been there.

I find a picture of him and I try to glare,
But somehow all I can do is stare
Stare into those gorgous, gentle brown eyes
The same whom I should despise,
For I am not one to be pitied well.

Next I see him again, with a friend;
He hugged her and I tried not to bend my guard,
Oh, I can not tell you how hard it was, hard
But I managed.

I see him later, and he hugs me,
Saying he meant to do that earlier, saying sorry
And as the akward embrace followed,
I tryed not to feel happy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Inside Numb, Outside Warm

I feel as cold as ice
My heart feels black and it feels white
I feel nothing anymore
What could be in store?

I'm in a shell on a beach
Lost and out of reach (among others)
I loved you so much and now I feel it fading
Catch me quickly PLEASE catch me darling

I feel the warmth of summer come
But inside I'm cold and numb
Outside the days get brighter
Inside the nights get darker

I loved you so much and now I feel it fading
Catch me quickly PLEASE catch me darling

Please, please, please

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Haven't seen him in the past few days
But I see him in my head now, anyways
I miss him so very much
I wish he knew how much....
I remember that very night
That night I felt so much life (when I probably shouldn't have)
I gave the little girl a piggy back ride up the stairs
As he watched me, I felt him watch me............
I watched her as she banged on a drum in one of those bean bag chairs.

Later he came up, and peered through the door,
I didn't have to look up when he did, I felt him there at the door
Caught me red handed as I thought I might sing a bit, sing a little love song....
(Oh, but I decided against it.......... Even when he was gone.)
I put the microphone down my face dropped
I knew I couldn't with him there, so instead I silently sobbed
But his eyes looked on, looked on me without seing the tears through my wall

He left and when I came back he had his red rose in his hand
His rose in hand, rose in hand, in hand
The one I gave everyone from the start, the one everyone threw away (But him)
He smiled at me peculiarly which made me wonder....... which made me wonder.....
which made me wonder............ does he know my secret?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello My Wonderful Friends

Hey subeta guys! This is to show you that this is me, WithLove, and that I am not lying. lol

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beginning to Go

Beginning to go, starting to leave
Beginning to walk, starting to step into the sunlight.

Marching the walk, treading in the sand
Marching in silence, treading away from where I now stand.

Learning to fear, wanting to cry
Learning to love, wanting to laugh.

Walking to heaven, going towards hell
Walking to judgment and my God as well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seeing You Through The Mask

Enchanting as always, you seem to not notice what your mere glance can do

No one can ever tell you how much light you shine through

Tomorrow means nothing without a today with you

I am always thinking of you, yearning for your presence

Carefully hiding behind a carefully-made mask

Eternally waiting to rejoice.