Saturday, June 20, 2009


I saw his caring, caring face
And my brain was out of place.
He did not love me, no not at all;
He pitied me, and that's all.

How stupid was I then?
I should have put two and two together
I should have known not to try to bear
Those feelings that shouldn't have been there.

I find a picture of him and I try to glare,
But somehow all I can do is stare
Stare into those gorgous, gentle brown eyes
The same whom I should despise,
For I am not one to be pitied well.

Next I see him again, with a friend;
He hugged her and I tried not to bend my guard,
Oh, I can not tell you how hard it was, hard
But I managed.

I see him later, and he hugs me,
Saying he meant to do that earlier, saying sorry
And as the akward embrace followed,
I tryed not to feel happy.

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