Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Haven't seen him in the past few days
But I see him in my head now, anyways
I miss him so very much
I wish he knew how much....
I remember that very night
That night I felt so much life (when I probably shouldn't have)
I gave the little girl a piggy back ride up the stairs
As he watched me, I felt him watch me............
I watched her as she banged on a drum in one of those bean bag chairs.

Later he came up, and peered through the door,
I didn't have to look up when he did, I felt him there at the door
Caught me red handed as I thought I might sing a bit, sing a little love song....
(Oh, but I decided against it.......... Even when he was gone.)
I put the microphone down my face dropped
I knew I couldn't with him there, so instead I silently sobbed
But his eyes looked on, looked on me without seing the tears through my wall

He left and when I came back he had his red rose in his hand
His rose in hand, rose in hand, in hand
The one I gave everyone from the start, the one everyone threw away (But him)
He smiled at me peculiarly which made me wonder....... which made me wonder.....
which made me wonder............ does he know my secret?

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